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Sprites, occasional drawings (considering if I figure out our scanner), avatars, stories...Whatever I feel like uploading, basically.


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...On my own character.  I don't.  What.

Let me explain this very, very clearly.  Nazo the Hedgehog is NOT owned by Chakra.  Chakra DID make the character popular and create transformations, yes, and the guy/gal gets a lot of credit for that.  I am NOT denying that fact.  But I based MY version of Nazo off of the only known picture, and wove a world around him.  I then proceeded to come up with an alternate timeline, and my character Skye was born off of that.

Skye is not "Nazo with a different set of clothes".  Are they similar?  YES.  They were designed off of each other, so yes, it makes sense they look similar.  A character doesn't magically turn a different color.  But to say they are exactly the same?  Uh huh, yeah, no.  They aren't.  If I had my stories up here yet, you would see they are completely different in personality and behavior.  Heck, Nazo and Skye are different heights, weights, and ages =.=

So before you go around accusing someone of plagiarism, which is a VERY serious offense, perhaps read the description and what the creator has said about them.  Making the creator of fan art take down their picture is just as bad, when they were just doing fanart.

:iconsilvori: , I've already sent you a note about this, but I did not plagiarize Skye and I hope you believe me.  Your drawing was wonderful, and you had no reason to take it down.  You don't need to put it back up, I have it saved on my computer, but please, don't blame yourself.  You did nothing wrong, and I explained to you Skye's backstory before you did the fanart.  You know I am not lying, and you've been absolutely wonderful so I would have no reason to lie.  I didn't expect anyone to call you out on something that's certainly not true, and I apologize.

And no, I'm not putting that person's name on here.  I won't stoop to sending an angry flock of DA people at them XD

I've sent a note to the creator of Nazo Unleashed letting them know of the situation, but Nazo is a dropped SEGA character and thus, free game for anyone to use.  The transformations do not belong to me, and I don't use them.  I created my own world, why should I sit by and be punished for it?  >.>
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But of course! <3
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That is so kind of you to say :D I'm glad you like what I do! :D
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No problem! Interesting art style, interesting story and myths...How could I not be interested?
Grassy-Aggron Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I hope you have a good Christmas too~ I'll get back to catching up on the comic soon, I promise~
Merry Christmas! I hope it's a good one. :)
ARVEN92 Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch :)
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Hello! Nice name ^^
Grassy-Aggron May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No problem :3
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